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The following are three samples of the music of 1001 Nights Orchestra. Each song has a text description as well as an audio sample. The audio samples require a media player. You can download a free media player at Real Player or QuickTime

More music samples are available on our MySpace page.


GYPSY NIGHTS (252 kilobytes 60 seconds)

Gypsy Nights is an original piece composed by Kamran Hooshmand and arranged by 1001 Nights Orchestra. The piece is a journey that starts with a single guitar melody defining the mood of an Andalusian night. Then the accordion comes in and joins the guitar. The image is one of a caravan of gypsies traveling through the night. The music slowly rises to a climax led by a clarinet and then just as slowly fades out like a caravan moving toward a moonlit horizon. All through the song, finger cymbals embellish the melody like fairy dust sparkling in the night.

RAMPI (246 kilobytes 60 seconds)

Rampi, also known as "Rain Dripped On My Tent," is a very old Turkish folk song. It is a "karsilama" or a song with a 9/8 rhythm which makes it an excellent choice for dancing. The word "Rampi" is a nonsense word, something like "tra-la" in the English-language and it is also known as a party or "kef" song. This song evokes joy and images of life in the desert.

KARAPET (249 kilobytes 60 seconds)

Karapet is an instrumental which is popular in many countries of Eastern Europe, including Armenia and Russia. It is a catchy tune often danced to at parties to a 4/4 rhythm. The happy sound of the clarinet uplifts listeners and draws them to the dance floor.


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